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Eddy insight on musicality

Good morning world (at least from this side of the world).
Today I decided to explain some differences between the so called “French Style” and “Traditional”.
DF1- One evolved from Semba the other one from Tarraxinha (the dances).

DF2 – One is a line dance and the other a circular dance…so they are similar but not the same, so please do not call them”different styles”, because style is only when we all do the same thing, the ones that dance in a circular way do have different styles and the ones that dance in line do have different style between them but not among them.

DF3 – One only use R&B beats and remixes of any other pop, classic, Metalica and they call it “Kizomba”, the other use real kizomba and dance to it.

DF4 – One is about emotion inside of motion the other is about breaks, (from break dance and R&B, Hip Hop, influences).

DF5 – doing 3000 moves in a very slow bpm is cheating because it shows that instead of making your body react quicker and understand the quick weight transitions to follow the music the trick was to slow down the bpm to allow them to have time to do all does tricks without loosing timing and having time to take a coffee in between.

If you want to show your skills in kizomba do it in a proper one or Semba and let’s see how is your timing…..

“Some people” like to say that this style, that style, how can you talk about styles if most of time you never even saw the real kizomba, so in what are you basing your understanding about kizomba to compare?

How can you call your self kizombero if you never danced real kizomba.
It is the same with Bachata, lots of people call their self Bachateros but never danced the real Bachata in their life and only danced the bad copy of bachata that do not have nothing with bachata, but still calling their self Bachatero and treat the real bachata as another style.

Lately I start listen to people saying Angolan style…..well IT IS NOT ANGOLAN STYLE BECAUSE KIZOMBA IS ANGOLAN, ANYTHING ELSE IS THE STYLE.

Eddy Monteiro