Kizomba Swimming Festival Survivor tips

Those tips are very useful for any Festival #Survivor

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Kizomba Swimming festival UT Kizomba

The Kizomba Swimming Festival in France is one of the premiere yearly Kizomba Festivals. The crème de la crème instructors and eager Kizomberos descend on a small town 45 minutes outside of Paris for a weekend of intense but enjoyable workshops, spectacular nightly performances, pulsating after parties, and the piece de resistance the biggest Kizomba Pool Party. You haven’t lived until you’ve Tarraxinha’d in water I say! I’ve seen countless videos from this event and made it my 2013 goal to be a participant at this festival. Not sure what to expect, sharing accommodations with total strangers and equipped with grade 9 French skills (at best), I abandoned all my fears and set off on a solo trek to this coveted three day Kizomba festival. What an experience! Partaking in Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, AfroHouse, Kuduro and Dancehall workshops taught by amazing instructors, attending outstanding parties and witnessing hilarious poolside antics…

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Author: Jay Nandu


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