Holijone – My Big Love

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LETTER / LYRICS Today I stopped to write you my great love not Facel And not even feel the pain I hope you’re well . I know you have another someone have to accept seeing another man in your world was that you chose so do not care anymore so I beg you do not forget you always seras “Queen” From my poor heart ‘s my world “and always seraaaaa REFRAO Moca believe I did everything moved to worlds I have here but it was everything, everything envao no matter okay since you to be happy so … II know that you’re going to remind you of all lady up of touches that I gave him and my every gesture to you but I’m so far away of you and your life in your new relationship but I will be happy even if I have to lose even losing I’m still happy pos I know these well was you who chose so do not matter anymore, so I beg you to forget not that thou art the great love, REFRAO2X

Author: Jay Nandu


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