On the social dancing environment there couple dancer you’re encounter:

  1. Perfectionist (dancing non-stop)
  2. Creepy (Abusive SNL tolerated – i mean from outside perspective )
  3. Hunter (Only dance with best dancer – beginner not bother to be on the waiting list)
  4. Blammer (Always pointing finger to the partner)
  5. Talker ( no comment on that one – still looking right description)
  6. Average (repeat the same patterns over and over)
  7. Expert (explained everything)
  8. Passionate (Focus on technique)
  9. Singer (aka always practise his (or her) shower voice
  10. Guide ( Make you feel special)

The list is not gender (leader/follower) specific.

And I know many dancers that switch categories throughout the party.

It all depends what make you happy at the moment and connection created off or on dancefloor.

Author: Jay Nandu


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