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Women’s Vs Men’s Reasons for Starting Salsa

The Dancing Irishman

Shakes head slowly in disapproval!!! Shakes head slowly in disappointment!


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STOP Dancing with your Girlfriend (and why!)

Trying to change partner on social dancing can always improved how you lead/follow. Everyone is different, dancing on the same beat. If you’ve able to do your pattern to any partner. Means you’ve master the move.

The Dancing Irishman

Your girlfriend is the reason your salsa is so mediocre!

There… I’ve said it. Let the hate mail roll on in.

Or, be reasonable and hear me out. I’ll explain exactly why your significant other is hampering your salsa evolution and what you can do about it without having to break up and go through that whole “uncomfortable” period of trying to avoid the dance socials they regularly attend (you all know what I’m talking about).

First things first, let me appease the ladies and say that I could just as easily have titled this article “Stop Dancing with your Boyfriend/Spouse/Life-Partner” or some other gender neutral BS. I didn’t because my regular readers are well aware that I like a nice controversial title every now and then. It should suffice to say that I’m talking about all significant others or regular dance partners in this article.

Now that…

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